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Come see the beloved musical, MAME, performed by the Theatre of Dare. Don't miss MAME, a bold and brassy Broadway smash hit with memorable music and a message of living each day to the fullest. 

About MAME

Who is Mame? There's surely one in every community, often there's one in every family. Some of the wild, exploratory spirit of Mame bubbles in each and every human being who believes that "life is a banquet!"

When the ebullient and convivial socialite Mame Dennis suddenly becomes responsible for the upbringing of her nephew Patrick, the wealthy sophisticate embraces the challenge, introducing the boy to all of life's wonders. With spirit, humor, class and wit, Mame continues to thrill audiences around the globe. Jerry Herman's celebrated score includes the rousing title number, plus "Open a New Window," "If He Walked into My Life," "We Need a Little Christmas," and "That’s How Young I Feel."

Mame is Eve, St. Joan, Lady Godiva, Susan B. Anthony, Clara Bow and Florence Nightingale, all rolled into one. She epitomizes optimism, the power of positive -thought and sheer joie-de-vivre, and projects them to everyone that meets her, influencing and improving the lives of them all. She is ageless, timeless, graceful, beautiful, kind and elegant. She dances, too, and cuts across all barriers, whether of age, color; creed or gender. We have all seen hundreds of Auntie Mames and in each and every one, there seemed to be a flash of something a bit different, a new discovery in the way that this particular remarkable lady thinks, feels and moves.​

Musically the show is packed with Jerry Herman songs that are in perfect accord with the whole positive attitude of the story, and includes what is probably the most memorable title song ever written.

Show Times

February 21, 22, 28 and 29 at 7:30 pm
February 23 and  March 1 at 2:00 pm