2019 Quilt Show Recap

Outer Banks Community Quilt Show 2019 at Roanoke Island Festival Park
Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Once again, the 2019 Outer Banks Community Quilt Show was a huge success with so many beautiful designs and creative quilting techniques on display. Every corner of the Event Room was lined with one incredible design after another. Just when you thought you'd found your favorite, another equally inspiring quilt would catch your eye. This year's small quilt challenge theme, Sea Life: OBX Life at the Beach, inspired some incredible creations and helped guests think warm summer thoughts during a cold and windy March. One of the most intriguing aspects of the show are the stories that go along with each design. Learning about the inspiration, family history, detail and time spent on each pattern show the amount of work and love that go into each quilt. Guests for all over the United States, came to visit and pick up new techniques from our local quilters.

Below are the winners of this year's show and the stories behind their designs. If you missed the Quilt Show, make sure to watch the video below for highlights from the exhibition.


Viewer's Choice #1 - Waterford in Bloom by the Waterford Quilters Guild | Quilting by Nancine Pike









Barbara Hanft won this quilt at the Waterford Quilters Guild in Virginia in 2017. The quilters of this piece combined techniques of piecing and applique in rainbow colors shaded diagonally light to dark. As a lover of plants and flowers, this quilt was made of Barbara. She was thrilled to win it and share it with others at the show this year. 

Viewer's Choice #2 - Mariner's Compass by Teresa Manning













This Mariner's Compass quilt was inspired from a Farmhouse Quilting design and is paper pieced. Teresa filled the white space by adding lighthouses throughout. Quilt Show guests were impressed by the vibrant colors and details. 

Viewer's Choice #3 (tie) - Civil War Memories by Deborah Greener and Denise Luberecki 









The 143 blocks in this quilt are all different and were adapted from Rosemary Youngs' Civil War Diaries and Love Letter books. The quilt was completely hand paper-pieced and then quilted by hand using a latticed Quilt-As-You-Go method, a technique which was also used on the borders and makes a reversible design on the back. 

Viewer's Choice #3 (tie) - Around the World - Design and Construction by Alice Jaeger | Quilting by Nancy Pederson (Tie) 









Alice designed this quilt as a wedding gift for her niece. The colors in the quilt match her niece's wedding colors and the pattern features the countries her niece and husband were born, countries they visited individually and places they plan to travel together, including their honeymoon destination. This quilt was a beautiful gift for a world traveling couple. 

Winner of the Raffle Quilt

Lory Roth won this year's Curved Log Cabin quilt. Lory splits her time between the Outer Banks and Batavia, NY.