Crowd arriving to Nags Head by boat from Elizabeth City, NC in 1910.

The Outer Banks: Circa 1900 Exhibit


“The Outer Banks: Circa 1900” captures the brief time just before the dawn of a modern age, when man learned to fly. Between 1900 and 1903, Orville and Wilbur Wright visited the Outer Banks of North Carolina four times. They experienced a wild and wonderful land on the cusp of momentous change. The Wright brothers’ experiments directly impacted the region and the people that lived there.

The exhibit also highlights significant events in Outer Banks history between 1870 to 1932. The exhibit’s artifacts visually capture what life was like in the area during this significant time period. On display are items from the Wright Brothers Memorial, United States Life-Saving Station, Bodie Island Lighthouse, and Roanoke Island Festival Park’s collection.

This exhibit is on loan and made possible by the Museum of the Albemarle located in Elizabeth City, N.C. Artifacts in the exhibit are on loan from the National Park Service.